Who is it for?

Local and international startups and startup initiatives.

Companies that don’t have financial processes internally installed and because of their scale, these proceses could be outsourced.

What are they worried about?

  • How do I monetize my business idea?
  • How can I make it profitable?
  • How much do I need to develop my business Idea?
  • How do I switch from Idea to Action?
  • How can I build a financial model?
  • How do I structure my fundraising pitch?
  • Whats the valuation of my business?
  • How to manage the daily administrative and financial business without create a big non-core structure?

How do we help entrepreneurs on each phase?

  • Ideation. Support in the formalization of the business idea
  • Conceptualization. Generation of prototypes for an strategic and financial validation
  • Compromise. Structuring the financial model with the “unit economics”
  • Validation. Financial model closing and valuation of the business 
  • Fundraising. Search for the right type of investors and settlement of the key financial processes
  • Settlement. Construction and implementation of the key Corporate Governance aspects and follow-up of the business model 

Strategic Consulting


We support the entrepreneur with strategic and supporting activities to get his business idea rolling up, allowing him to focus in the core activities.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to support start-ups from the ideation phase to the start of operations, helping with the construction of the company’s strategy and it redesign when needed. 

Corporate Finance


We support with the building of the whole structure of financial follow-up that includes the construction of the financial model, the fundraising pitch, and tools for overseeing the start-up budget and cash flow. 

Business Consulting

Financial Analysis


Businesses Developed

Legal Advice


It is key to maintain control over all the legal aspects, including contracts and corporate governance from the initial phases. At Integra GV we support you by structuring a legal framework strong enough to minimize the concerns around this aspect, and to let you harness the maximum potential of your company. 

Corporate Services


We take care of the operating and administrative tasks to allow the entrepreneur to spend his time and efforts in the core business. We execute in an outsourcing model the accounting, tax and payroll processes.


years of corporate experience


operating services

Servicios de Interés

Conozca los servicios adicionales que ofrecemos para los diferentes tipos de empresas, negocios y necesitades.
Contamos con expertos corportivos con alto enfásis en la optimización de costos y procesos.

Asesorías personalizadas para evaluar el detalle de cada necesidad.

Empresas en Crecimiento

Diagnóstico, soporte y sostenimiento en la creación de valor corporativo, identificando los detonantes de cambio para el crecimiento y consolidación.

Empresas Consolidadas

Acompañamiento en el proceso estratégico de consolidación corporativa, ajustado a las condiciones cambiantes del entorno.

Especialistas Financieros
para cada necesidad!

Mejore el rendimiento de su operación

Conozca los detalles para un gerenciamiento exitoso
en todos los niveles corporativos.

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